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All of these pages are written for public use.  Feel free to link to them.

The articles are written primarily for the Vonage Forum at www.vonage-forum.com (an independent help site for customers of Vonage) but I also refer to them in other forums and discussions where I feel they may be useful.

They are NOT meant to be definitive guides.  They are based on my experience with Vonage and with using a WRT54G V4 with a couple of versions of HyperWRT Tofu and Thibor as my base.  Your results may vary based on your Internet connection, modem, router, and luck.

Article contributions and feedback are welcome.  Send any comments or suggestions (including articles, diagrams, etc) to my feedback email account:  feedback(at)nmhoy.net  (obviously replace the (at) with an @ symbol).

If your experience contradicts mine, or if you have additional information you feel would be useful, PLEASE send feedback.  Be as detailed as possible, and run as many tests as possible.

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