As of the writing of this article, the current firmware is 1.00.62 for both the WRTP54G and RTP300 models.

Many Vonage routers ship with older firmware, and Vonage updates the firmware after installation.  This is all well and good, except there are a few issues with the firmware upgrades.  The most famous is the WRTP54G refusing to accept 1.00.20 (and maybe another release or two) while Wireless is turned on.  The router simply doesn't have enough memory to do these upgrades and manage wireless at the same time.  Once you reach 1.00.50 or higher, this should no longer be a problem.

There are several ways to get them to upgrade.  

STEP 1:  The Normal Way

The easy one is to turn off wireless (WRTP54G only) and restart the router.  If all goes well, you should automagically have your upgrade sometime within a couple of hours after the restart.

To turn off wireless, set the "Wireless Network Mode" to "DISABLED" in the main Wireless screen.

STEP 2:  Factory Reset

The next step, if that does not work, is to do a factory reset on your router.  Make a note of any special settings you have, like wireless security, customised DNS, etc.  Then, while the router is plugged in to power, press and hold the RESET button on the back for at least 30 seconds.  Your login password will revert back to the factory default.  

Log in and rekey your settings, but leave wireless off (WRTP54G only).  The firmware should upgrade itself in a few hours or overnight.

STEP 3:  Cry for help.

If that doesn't work, Customer Service should be able to force a new firmware image to you.  Be sure wireless is off, and call the Customer Service number.  Have your current firmware version number handy.  They should be able to push you the new version almost immediately, assuming you get a rep who knows what they are doing.

STEP 4:  If you want something done right, do it yourself.

(what 90% of people reading this article are going to do in the first place (grin)).
If all else fails, there is a way to upgrade to a recent firmware manually.  The 1.00.62 (the most recent version as of the August 2006) firmware is available from Vonage's site. Once this is loaded, it will also allow your router to accept the latest from Vonage if any more recent versions come out.

1.  Write down or cut-and-paste your customized settings (wireless key and other configuration settings).

2.  Download the firmware to your computer (you probably want the most recent for your router, but here are all the somewhat recent versions I know about):

RTP300 (1.00.55)
RTP300 (1.00.58)
RTP300 (1.00.60)
RTP300 (1.00.62) *most recent*
WRTP54G (1.00.55)
WRTP54G (1.00.58)
WRTP54G (1.00.60)
WRTP54G (1.00.62) *most recent*

If you decide to DOWNGRADE your firmware (load an older version), understand that Vonage will force the latest version to your router in pretty short order. You MAY be able to prevent this by blocking port 69 (assuming you have another router in front of your Vonage router that is capable of port blocking). If you have more information on preventing firmware updates, please let me know.

3.  (optional, but recommended):  Unplug the router from the Internet and all computers except the one you downloaded the new firmware image to.

4.  Press the reset button for at least 30 seconds while the router is plugged in to power (the button is in the hole right next to the power connection).   

5. Log into the router using the factory default password (admin/admin).  If you are on a WRTP54G, turn off Wireless while you're here.

6.  After you have logged in, go to the following web page Log into that page with the following credentials:  
username = user
pw = tivonpw

7.  After a few redirects, you should be at a "Firmware Upgrade" page.  Click Browse and select the file you saved in step 2.

8. Click Upgrade, you will see the progress bar advance, then the web page may indicate a failure or "page not found" error (DON'T PANIC - this is normal).  Be patient, and don't touch anything yet.  

9 - The Power light should begin to blink on the router, this indicates the router is upgrading its firmware.  DO NOT TOUCH the router or interrupt power during this process.  Doing so could cause your router to turn into a pretty silver doorstop.  Give the router several minutes to complete the process, until after it appears to have rebooted.  Then give it another minute, to be safe.

10 - After the router is finished - go back to the main page, the top right corner should indicate the version you installed.  The default login to router is set back to user: admin, password: admin).  

11 - Log in using admin/admin, rekey your settings, reactivate Wireless if you want to, restart the router (unplug power, reattach your Internet connection, then plug it back in).  The router should upgrade to the latest version (if there is a more recent version) within a few hours or overnight.

At this point, the PHONE light should also light up normally and you should be back up and running.

Note:  If your router resets itself back to an OLDER firmware version, you will need to call Vonage Customer Service, and ask them to update it for you.  They may have a bad entry in their database for your router, and that may be forcing the old firmware image to your router.  This is very rare, fortunately.

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